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Darling is a market leader in hair extension products; a category we pioneer across the 14 countries in which we operate, across Africa. We manufacture locally, and our products are used by over 100 million African consumers. Read more


Introducing My Little Darling

My Little Darling braids comprise uniquely processed fibre, perfect for young girls. These packages include a collection of 4 cut-out paper dolls, which are fun to interact and engage with.


Use the Darling app to be your own stylist

Select a hairstyle from a variety of Darling styles and try it out against your pictures. You can also share the look with friends or simply save the photograph for the next hairdo. Planning your hairstyle was never this easy. Download the app


Darling South Africa


Darling is the largest synthetic hair supplier to Southern Africa and has the widest range of styles in its portfolio in this region.
One of our biggest strengths is our distribution network. It is arguably the best in the region, both by width and depth of coverage.
We also manufacture locally and our products are used by millions of Southern African consumers.
In fact, approximately 100 Darling braids are sold every minute in South Africa.

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Choose from our wide variety of braids, weaves, plait ons, dreds,
drawstrings, human hair and pick & drop styles