We take much pride in fostering an inspiring workplace with an agile and high performance culture to attract, develop and retain the best global talent. As part of the over 115-year young Godrej Group, we are fortunate to have a proud legacy built on the strong values of trust, integrity and respect for others. At the same time, our exciting and ambitious growth plans allow us to offer unparalleled career opportunities relatively early on in your career.

Core to our employer brand, is the philosophy of tough love. We expect a lot from our team members, differentiate on the basis of performance and potential through career opportunities and rewards and lay particular emphasis on ownership and innovation. We believe that passionate, rounded individuals with diverse interests make for better Godrejites. And we understand that our team members play multi-faceted roles. This is why we encourage them, not just to explore their whole selves, but also create an enabling space for them to do so.


Your Canvas

We are expanding
and you will grow with us

We have exciting and ambitious plans, as a leader in hair care in Sub Saharan Africa. You will grow with us.

We encourage you to experiment and be entrepreneurial.

We are a very empowering culture and you will get a chance to lead early on.

Pick up something you feel strongly about that adds value to Godrej and we can help you make it big(ger).

I literally grew overnight. I am certain I would not have gained so much experience so early in my career, in any other company, and will be eternally grateful to Godrej South Africa for placing so much faith in me.

Bongi Manqele
Brand Manager - Inecto


Bring your passion to work and grow with us.
The possibilities are endless.

Tough Love

Go ahead and challenge yourself!
We've got your back.

We believe the race for the future is not for the faint hearted. We expect a lot from you and will differentiate basis performance and potential through career opportunities and rewards.

We bet on potential, not experience and so you will get a variety of challenging opportunities early on.

We will push you and coach you to be the best you can and promise you authentic feedback.

We believe you contribute significantly to the value that we create and encourage you to take 100/0 - 100% accountability and 0% excuses. That is why we don't put a cap on how much we share through our incentive plans.

Godrej Consumer Products' acquisition of Rapidol, led to the introduction of the Godrej Performance Based Variable Remuneration (PLVR), which was a completely new incentive scheme for our business. This set the future tone with not a single sales budget missed for the next two years to come. It helped ensure that every incentive has been realised ever since.

Ross Latten
National Account Manager


We aren't just thinking about your potential at work,
we also want to know what makes you - YOU!

Whole Self

We are selfish about your happiness

We believe that passionate, rounded individuals with diverse interests make for better team members.

We are selfish about your happiness, quite simply because happier people make for a more fun culture.

When you join us, you join a family that stands by you. We understand that you play multiple roles, from being a young parent to a budding musician, and we will support you in playing them.

I work for a company with strong values and ethos, and in my darkest days, my Godrej family has been my beacon of light, support and positivity.

Terry Moodley
Sales Assistant


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